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House of the Month - Barn Restoration

Design by Fourth Dimension Architecture

A timber frame barn built in 1890 has already lived several lifetimes.

It sheltered animals from the weather and served the main farmhouse on the property for generations. Then, the previous owners converted it into a music studio for teaching piano lessons.

Now, new owners have taken up residence in the main farmhouse.

They wish to shepherd the history of this stately building, protect it from decay and transform it.

We are converting it to a guest house for family who live overseas to come visit for the summer.

This project on the boards at Fourth Dimension Architecture has several quirky whimsical elements!

Bird houses adorn the gable end facing the main house

There’s a secret kid’s play fort under the stairs

There’s a slide along the stairs coming down from the second floor, so even the adults can play!

Learn more about this project at:

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