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House of the Month - Austerlitz Renovation

Design by Fourth Dimension Architecture | After Photos by Alon Koppel

Once upon a time

a timber frame vacation cabin became too small to fit the whole family on holidays. The owners added a copy just behind, connected by a hallway. For years they gathered together and made great memories.

The next generation

didn’t visit the house anymore, so it sat quietly empty for several years. All the field mice gathered together and made great memories.

When it was bought by a new family,

it needed serious TLC. The wood smelled musty, the layout was chopped up, and to get from their bedroom to their son’s in the middle of the night, they had to go down one staircase and up another!

Together, we transformed the house

from a mouse haven to a family sanctuary - it took quite a few coats of white paint, reframing a couple of walls and an overhaul of all of the doors, cabinetry and fixtures. We even cut a secret tunnel through the attic between the bedrooms!

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