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Monthly Q+A: what’s your architectural style?

This month's question was submitted by MD.

Barn Restoration - Slide Alongside the Stairs


Liz’s design style aims to configure an efficient, organized home to suit your lifestyle + budget.

She always looks for opportunities to add a whimsical feature, such as:

  • slide alongside the stairs

  • rolling library ladder

  • hidden door in a wardrobe

  • convertible furniture

  • secret bookshelf doors

  • heirloom teacup display

  • gift wrapping station

  • secret passageway

Barn Restoration - Secret Play Fort Under the Stairs

Austerlitz Renovation - Secret Passage Between Bedrooms - Photo by Alon Koppel

Austerlitz Renovation - Book Nook - Photo by Alon Koppel

Gift Wrap Station in a Closet - Source:

Narnia Wardrobe Door to a Secret Room - Source:

Bookshelf Door - Source:

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