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Austerlitz Renovation

Interior Completed 2019
Deck Completed 2021

After Photos by Alon Koppel

Slide to see Before and After:

Before Photos by Owner + Architect:

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  • A Cohesive Layout

  • Connections Between Distinct Spaces

  • Efficient Material Salvage + Reuse


  • Scandinavian minimalism

  • Playful Built-In Nooks

  • Concealed Hinges


  • How can we reconfigure two sets of stairs to maximize usable space above?

  • Which woods should be white, and which stained?

  • Which elements must be added during  construction, and which can be easily added later?

This client began with an interior renovation to transform a quirky house into a clean, cohesive home.

They returned to replace an awkward deck and steps
with unique outdoor living terraces.

Stay tuned for the third evolution to their home -
an addition and an exterior makeover!

What People Say

Mountain Range

Austerlitz Renovation

We have worked with Liz on multiple projects,

as she is our architect of choice.

Liz is good at communicating, building positive relationships

with industry professionals, organizing complex projects,

and thinking of critical details.

We're so pleased with her professionalism and her care and attention.

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