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Austerlitz Renovation

Interior Completed 2019 - Deck Completed 2021

After Photos by Alon Koppel

Slide to see Before and After:

Before Photos by Owner + Architect:

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  • A Cohesive Layout

  • Connections Between Distinct Spaces

  • Efficient Material Salvage + Reuse


  • Scandinavian minimalism

  • Playful Built-In Nooks

  • Concealed Hinges


  • How can we reconfigure two sets of stairs to maximize usable space above?

  • Which woods should be white, and which stained?

  • Which elements must be added during  construction, and which can be easily added later?

This client began with an interior renovation to transform a quirky house into a clean, cohesive home.

They returned to replace an awkward deck and steps
with unique outdoor living terraces.

Stay tuned for the third evolution to their home -
an addition and an exterior makeover!

What People Say

Mountain Range

Austerlitz Renovation

Liz is the only person I've ever met

who is more detail-oriented than myself.

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