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Replacing Your Asphalt Roof? Consider Solar Shingles!

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Integrated solar shingles are revolutionizing the way we harness solar energy.

These innovative roofing materials seamlessly blend solar technology with conventional roofing, offering a dual-purpose solution that generates clean energy without the bulky appearance of traditional solar panels. This results in a sleek, seamless look that complements your curb appeal.

CertainTeed Solstice and GAF Timberline stand out as top choices in the market of integrated solar shingles.

Designed to be installed by any roofer who installs asphalt shingles using standard deck screws, these solar shingles not only contribute to reducing energy bills and environmental impact but also add value to your property while keeping construction cost-effective.

As the demand for sustainable energy sources grows, integrated solar shingles are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners looking to embrace renewable energy without compromising their aesthetic values. With their ability to seamlessly integrate into the roof while generating electricity, these solar shingles represent a promising advancement in clean energy technology.

Want to find out if your roof is a candidate for generating solar power?

Book a free Q+A with the architect! On this 30 minute phone call, you'll speak directly with Architect Liz Saunier about your project. The purpose of this call is to:

  • Understand your project goals and aspirations

  • Discuss your current situation and resources

  • Explain our process at a high level

  • Provide you with next steps based on your objectives and current situation


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