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How to Wrap Your House with Holiday Lights

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What’s the best way to deck your halls for the holidays? Read on for tips and tricks!

1. Measure twice, climb once.

Take a picture or draw a diagram of your house.

Label it with the length of each string of lights.

Use a piece of string to measure areas you’ll wrap lights around like columns and railings.

Include the distance to the nearest grounded outlet.

Add them all up to find out how many linear feet of lights you’ll need (and round up).

Shortcut! Ask your architect for a linear footage takeoff.

2. Test, label and organize the lights.

Check that all the lights work before you hang them.

Label which lengths belong where, and set up a storage system to keep track.

Wind lights around coat hangers to keep them detangled.

3. Safety first!

Get someone to help you keep the ladder stable, and keep a cell phone handy.

Set up grounded outlet stakes instead of using regular outlets.

4. Hang the lights!

Start at the top and work your way down.

Try fascia clips, twist ties, adhesive hooks, nails and hot glue to secure the lights.

Want to have your house measured for custom holiday lighting?

Click below to speak with the architect about decking your halls for the holidays!


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