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House of the Month - The Gingerbread House

How did humanity come to making miniature domiciles out of sweets?

Ginger root was first cultivated in China

for its medicinal properties 5000 years ago, and it has been widely used around the world to treat headaches, the common cold, nausea, arthritis, colic and heart conditions. Recipes for ginger bread date back to 2400 BC in Greece.

Gingerbread cookies were a staple in “Gingerbread Fairs”

in medieval Europe, appearing in various shapes based on the season and dignitaries in power at the time. In the 16th century, German bakers were creating houses with spiced honey biscuits, decorated with foil and gold leaf. These became associated with the Christmas tradition.

A Brothers Grimm fairy tale follows Hansel and Gretel into the woods

in 1812, to a gingerbread house “built of bread, and roofed with cakes, and the window was made of transparent sugar.”

Dramatic Reader For Lower Grades by Florence Holbrook

Today, we build these magical houses for the holidays

and some people have even taken the gingerbread theme full scale on real houses!

Fuerteventura Villa in Jandia, Canarias, Spain

Want to find out how you can achieve this kind of whimsical fun in your house?

(in real life or candy-sized)

Book a free Q+A with the architect! On this 30 minute phone call, you'll speak directly with Architect Liz Saunier about your project. The purpose of this call is to:

  • Understand your project goals and aspirations

  • Discuss your current situation and resources

  • Explain our process at a high level

  • Provide you with next steps based on your objectives and current situation


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