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Designing the ultimate pet space in your home

We all treat our furry friends like part of the family. 

Sources: Adele Okolie| DK Studio Architecture

Sprout playing with her cousin, Finn

When designing your new home or remodeling your existing haven, you have the opportunity to create a space that fits your lifestyle. Whether that’s creating your dream kitchen with a designated space for pet bowls or cultivating a sanctuary that your dog or cat can call its own! Restaurants and airlines all across the world are becoming more pet friendly and for many new home owners a pet sanctuary is a must-have!

If you are anything like me during this wet season, it’s tough to get your pup to stay while you wipe off their feet. I always dream about a pup sanctuary where Sprout can go rinse off the mud and air dry somewhere that isn’t my couch! 

Sprout snoozing on the couch

1. Choose the Right Spot to Build Your Pet Room

Most homeowners choose to incorporate the dog or cat room within a mudroom, laundry room, kitchen, or transition space into the garage. Practical benefits of these locations include easy outdoor access for walks, the ability to reroute existing plumbing for pet showers, and the opportunity to expand built-in storage and cabinets.

2. Design a Puppy-Sized Shower for Grooming 

Bathing the dog can be a challenging chore if you don’t have a suitable space for it. When creating a room for your dog, incorporate a raised built-in dog shower. Shower designs can be customized for the size of your breed. On average, the bench height should be 18 to 36 inches off the ground. Add a hand-held shower head, shampoo shelf, and blow dryer holder to make bath time a breeze.

Sprout with one of her best friends, Jerry

3. Build a Window Seat for Sunbathing 

What cat (or dog) wouldn’t want a window seat built just for them? Adding a window seat to a pet room will allow your animal friend to sunbathe and watch for your return home. Plus, a window seat can serve as extra storage and a place for both you and your pet to relax.

4. Storage! Storage! Storage!

Walks are one of the most exciting outings for dogs. Don’t keep your pet waiting while trying to untangle or find their leash. Instead, add stylish wall pegs in the mudroom, garage, or near the backdoor for easily accessible leash storage. Make sure to add plenty of storage for food, treats, toys, and blankets!

5. Design a Pet Room That’s Fun!  

While your pet room should be practical, it should also be fun and welcoming. Work with your architect to design a space both you and your pet can enjoy together. What may start as a small room off the garage may become a fun hangout space where all the neighborhood pets will want to gather!

Sprout enjoying the view from Clement's Mountain

This article was brought to you by the firm's mascot : Sprout, the Mini Long-Haired Dachshund

Sprout, the three-year-old long-haired dachshund is a fun, cuddly, cutie that is always down for an adventure! She loves making new friends, even though they're almost always 4x her size!

Want to add a special place in your next home remodel for your pet?

We love incorporating special places for pets in our house designs. Call the speak with Liz about the possibilities for your furry loved ones, or book your free Q+A call below:


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