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The many Inuit words for snow

The Inuit languages, including Inuktitut and Yupik, feature a range of words that describe snow and ice, reflecting the Arctic peoples’ intimate knowledge of their environment.

Data source: Chat GPT

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Here are just a few of the many Inuit words for snow:

  1. Aput: General term for snow.

  2. Piqsirpoq: Fine, drifting snow.

  3. Aqilokoq: Snow that falls softly.

  4. Pukak: Crystalline powder snow.

  5. Maujaq: Wet, heavy snow.

  6. Api: Snow on the ground.

  7. Qanik: Falling snow.

  8. Aniu: Snow for eating.

  9. Qamaniq: Fresh, clean snow.

  10. Illu: Snow house or igloo.

  11. Siku: Sea ice.

  12. Pingajuq: Slushy, melting snow.

  13. Aputi: Snow on the ice.

  14. Niviatsinaq: Snow formations like drifts or cornices.

These words convey the physical characteristics of snow and encompass the cultural and practical aspects of living in an Arctic environment.

The precision in their terminology reflects the Inuit people’s deep connection to their surroundings and the importance of accurately describing different snow conditions for their daily activities.

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