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Here are 3 ways we can help you get ready:


Start Planning

Download our free workbook to get your plan started before you have to hire anyone.


Schedule A Call

Book a free 30-minute Q+A session with the architect to get your questions answered!


Find Experts

Our Directory of Experts lists the professionals we recommend in the Catskill Park Region and surrounding areas.

What People Say

Mountain Range

Maplecrest Garage

I like the organized meeting agenda,

I like the questions, and

I like having things planned out in advance.


You don't get that working only with a contractor.

Mountain Range


It was truly a pleasure working with you

on this project.

Your process,

along with clear and timely communication made the journey

from idea to reality pretty seamless and very enjoyable.

Mountain Range

Rivertide Aikido Dojo

Liz is such a talented architect and a pleasure to work with.

She is meticulous about getting the details right, and skillfully transitions your ideas and dreams into a plan founded on achievable goals. Absolutely recommend!

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