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Why The Goldilocks Phase?

Have you asked yourself:

We know our house needs a change, but where do we start?


We have so many ideas, which do we tackle first?


What will this project really cost?

We can answer these questions.

By conducting the proper analysis and preparing your custom

Needs and Options Review,

we can identify the best course of action together.

Want to know more?

Click the image to read our brochure about why we designed The Goldilocks Phase to help homeowners like you:

4D Architecture - Goldilocks Phase Outline Page 001.jpg

Want to find out if your project scope aligns with your budget?

Click below to schedule a consultation to start your project out just right.

This is a paid consultation. At the end of it, you'll have the confidence

to make an informed decision on how to achieve your project goals.

What will we achieve in this phase?

Fourth Dimension Architecture has developed a system for calibrating the right size project scope, timeline and budget and establishing measurable, achievable goals.


You will walk away with:

  • Ballpark cost expectations for your project

  • Diagnosis of your project feasibility

  • Prioritized wish list

  • Live target timeline you can follow along with

  • Recommended next steps based on your objectives and current situation

Elizabeth Saunier Profile Photo Square.jpg

Liz Saunier, Architect

How does it work?

Step 1

The Game Plan Consultation - The 1st meeting is an in-person site visit to walk the property, tour the house, and discuss your goals and challenges.

Step 2

The Needs + Options Review - The 2nd meeting can be in-person on or zoom to review the evaluation together and discuss next steps.

To learn more, watch this brief video on the value of the Needs + Options Review.

Step 3 ( optional )

The Solutions Review - Available in the premium service package, the 3rd meeting is a site visit with a consulting builder and/or structural engineer to identify potential challenges and costs.

Step 4

The Proposal Review - Once we’ve established the right size project scope that fits into the right size budget, we can accurately recommend the right size service for your needs.


What People Say

Mountain Range

Maplecrest Garage

I like the organized meeting agenda,

I like the questions, and

I like having things planned out in advance.  You don't get that working only with a contractor.

Mountain Range

The Great Northern

You really captured everything we want to change and put the chaos in order.

Our renovation project has never felt so possible!

Mountain Range

Rivertide Aikido Dojo

Liz is such a talented architect and a pleasure to work with.

She is meticulous about getting the details right, and skillfully transitions your ideas and dreams into a plan founded on achievable goals. Absolutely recommend!

Want to find out your Needs + Options?

A small investment in the proper research to calibrate your needs and options could save you tens of thousands of dollars in design fees

and hundreds of thousands in construction cost.

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