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Have you ever asked yourself: what will this project actually cost?

You’re not alone.

In our post-covid world, the cost of construction is volatile. Starting a project in today’s market is daunting. The further you go without answering this question, the more devastating the answer will be to your project’s success.

Once Upon a Time, Other Clients Had This Problem.

This porridge is too hot.

The project timelines were so aggressive that critical steps were rushed or skipped entirely. Or, the design process meandered on for so long that original goals were lost in the myriad of possibilities.

This chair is too wobbly.

There was no control over how the budget was divided. Wants and needs were difficult to separate, and money ended up getting spent on unnecessary items and doing things twice.

This bed is too soft.

The desired budget was rarely sufficient to cover the entire wish list - but the entire wish list was drawn in the design - along with some “might as well” items that came up along the way.

Every Project Got Out of Control.

This porridge is too cold.

Important questions were not asked until it was too late. Priorities were never established or enforced. Soft costs were never accounted for. “Might as well” items ate up the entire budget.

This chair is too big.

When the drawings were all done and ready to build, the cost estimates were double what the clients wanted to spend (or more!) and they had no way to predict this would happen.

This bed is too hard.

Projects that began in the design phase without first calibrating the budget were expensive to design because they never got built. Many were abandoned before they even made it to their building permit.

One Day, Fourth Dimension Architecture Made a Promise.

This shall happen no more!

There had to be a way to align the client’s goals with their resources. The team was determined to find it, and save future clients from costly overruns.

Because of That…

This porridge is just right.

Fourth Dimension Architecture has developed a system for calibrating the project scope, timeline and budget and establishing measurable, achievable goals.

This chair is just right.

Once we’ve established the right size project scope that fits into the right size budget, we can accurately recommend the right size service for your needs.

Until Finally…

This bed is just right.

When a project is set up for success and planned out in advance, it is easy to follow through and complete successfully. We have designed that process, and we would be delighted to guide you through it step by step to success.

Want to set up your project just right?


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