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Historic Victorian Before

Historic Victorian

Under Construction

Here's a sample of the interactive model that you'll be able to walk around in for your project throughout the design process!

To experience it:

  • Click play

  • In the top left corner, click Model Index

  • Double-click on the view called '3D'

  • ** It might take about 30 seconds to load - it's a very detailed model!**


  • Reimagine a family heirloom house  for the next generation

  • Maintain historic character + charm

  • Modernize the family gathering spaces


  • Windham Village Country Club Bar


  • How much can we open up the great room space so our big family can enjoy it together?

What People Say

Mountain Range

Al Te Ver Renovation

Walking around in the 3D model like a videogame is our happy place,

it’s the best part of this whole process.

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